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How to make money from Google adsense.

I'm sure you have seen the sponsored ads on the right side of the giant search engine.
However do you know you can make money from this by your own?
Yes you can earn some bucks with google adsense. Did I say some bucks this must be a joke a lot of webmasters are earning thousands a month with this system.

How does google adsense works?

This works best if you have a content rich website. Create a free account with Google adsense and they will give you a small but powerfull piece of code to add on your site or blog. After a few hours or sooner you will receive target ads on your site.
Example if you have a website about cars you will receive ads on car dealers, car forums, car insurances, car tuning tools and so on. Every time a user clicks on the ad you will receive money. Depending on the popularity this can be a few cents or dollars per click.
And the clicker doesn't have to take action (buying a product or adding his email-adress to an autoresponder) just a click and you and Google of course will make money.

5 Tips to earn money with adsense.

1) Prefer text links above banner ads. Many adsense earners can confirm that text ads will pay you more than banner ads. By the way people are tired to see banner ads everywhere on the internet. Choosing for text links means more money.

2) Track your ads. Google offers his own channels where you can track your ads and do use it. This way you now which ad formats makes you the most money and gives you the most clicks.

3) Do not click your own ads. Just go to some adsense forums and you will a lot of people who are banned from adsense. There can be several reasons for this but the most common is they have clicked their own ads. Google can and will ban you for that it is not worth the extra cents. Believe me if you cheat Google they won't pay you.

4) Learn from a pro. You are not the only person who is making money from adsense. And on online forums you can find a lot of persons who are making big money from the small ads on their site. Do a search for "Joel Comm" he is an experienced adsense user who gives out usefull tips. To receive all his tips you need to buy his ebook but it is worth every single cent.

5) Blend your ads. With blending your ads I mean make sure they have the same background as your site. This tip is very powerful and it is legal to use it. By doing this your ads do not look like ads anymore and more likely to click on it.

Adsense is a great way to make money online but you need to do some effort for it.
If you have well place ads and a good content site you can be sure you will make a second or even a full income online.

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Anonymous said...

..oke...thanks pelajaran hari ini..
yang ginian i like banget..cause i'm new beeee..
salam kenal tuk semuanya...peace....

Unknown said...

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