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addressbook Become A Young Entrepreneur

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At this time everyone always talking about money. The fact, all people in the world need money to survive. We can work, selling services or start a business to get more money. But unfortunately, looking for a job now is not that easy. Finally, many people chose entrepreneurship world to get money to survive. Become entrepreneur is not easy, many things that we need to understand before starting a business, we must learn how to be a good businessman and learn how to manage a business.

Education and entrepreneurship is a matter that can't be separated, to be a young entrepreneurship we must learn a lot of things. The Kauffman Foundation is one place where we can learn about entrepreneurship and become a young entrepreneur. The Kauffman Foundation is often referred to as one of the largest foundations in the United States—or as the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship. The Kauffman Foundation believed that investments in education should lead students on a path to self-sufficiency, preparing them to hold good-paying jobs, raise their families, and become productive citizens. At Kauffman Foundation we can learn advancing achievement in math, engineering, technology and science, all about entrepreneurship, exploring the future of learning, etc.

For people who seriously want to learn about the field of entrepreneurship, i think The Kauffman Foundation is a one places that you can visit.

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Ada 5komentar ke “Become A Young Entrepreneur” said...

aq dapat dengan tak sengaja blog kamu.........
salam knal yah

Anonymous said...

aq juga mau ikutan...... said...

makasih yah atas kunjungannya....
ada info menarik tu di

harry seenthing` said...

wah selamat yah...dah sukses sekarang

Jaz said...

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